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Surfing Day For Spring Break Attempt 2


Spring Break At The Beach

This week is Spring Break 2017 and nothing is better than enjoying your weekend at the Beach in a surfing day. California has amazing beaches and one of them is ¨Del Mar beach¨. Saturday morning was the day for my second attempt to surf.

For all that don´t know about surfing, what you must know is that putting a wet suit on is a challenge. A wetsuit is usually made of foamed neoprene which provides thermal insulation and it is fitted very tight.

My First Surfing day

My first surfing day was a new experience. I didn’t know how dangerous can be to surf. That day I swallowed water and the waves pushed me out where my surf board ended by one side and myself on the other. However, I told myself  I wanted to learn this sport as soon as I had health insurance. Lol

I know that learning new skills or a sport does not happen in one day. It requires time and practice. That day I just wanted to feel myself comfortable and paddling using the surfing board. I plan to go step by step . Thus, next step will be stand up. To be an unexpected surfing day, I had fun!

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