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Crepes With Protein Powder

Crepe with protein powder


I like to follow a healthy lifestyle. So this recipe is a great option to snack between lunch and dinner. It is so easy and fast to prepare. Also contains all the nutrients recommended within a meal. Protein : Egg whites and protein powder; High fat : Peanut butter; Carbs: Fruits.
Here is the recipe:

You need :

+ 2 egg whites

+2 spoons of vanilla protein powder

+ 1 spoon of cinnamon


In a container you  mix the three ingredients until they become a dough. While doing that, you put coconut oil spray on the pan. You pour the dough on the pan until the crepe is cooked. You flip the crepe  to the other side. Prepare your plate … for the filling the option is peanut butter.  On the top you can combine with red  fruits as strawberries and raspberries.


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