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Fit Couple Goals

Fit Couples At The Gym

Today I want to share my story with this beautiful couple that not only inspires me to believe that love is not a matter of just feeling butterflies in my stomach; but it is a matter of time and commitment.

The Day I Met Fred!

The day I met Fred I got a surprise. I usually go to the same gym  5 to 6 days per week at the same time. But I had to change my priorities and the last 2 weeks I went to a different 24 hours fitness locations in different times.  That day I had returned to my regular gym.

I was getting to my first machine, when a man comes up to me and asks me:

where have you been?

In a matter of seconds, I thought in my head: do I know you?
The only thing that came out of me was a smile because I realized that people who I thought did not notice me, really did.
With this I mean:

 “Never believe that your efforts are not worth it. Every detail, effort, action has a place in the universe. Every action has a reaction and although you believe that you are not seen, considered, let me tell you that you are an impact for the people around you. Positive or negative you are an impact. So better consider it POSITIVE.”

After that day, Fred introduced me to his wife.

They are the cutest fitness couple at the gym and their love story is an inspiration for me.



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