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Camping: Weekend at Mecca Hills Wilderness

Camping Day With Friends

Last Weekend of April 2017, I went camping with an Explorer meetup group.  I was so excited to go because the last time I remembered to do some kind of camp was in my international exchange student year at Nebraska in 1999.

Arriving at the place were a couple of cars parked but not too many. After 10 am. members of the group started to arrive as well. We quickly prepared our stuff and started the hiking day.


The mountains were immense and very impressive. We were just like ants walking through the hills. The sun was very strong that I had to change my shirt to another with more coverage. The group was formed by 15 members. We always tried to be together because just two persons were there before. For the rest of the group everything was new.



We did some hiking twice during the day. We had a great but tired day after 6 hours of walking, climbing stairs and ropes. At the end of the day we had a fireplace and dinner together after preparing our camp tents.


That weekend I had the chance to meet new people and be out of the routine. It is always necessary once in a while to take a break and do different things. Well, I always enjoy to try new things and love adventure.

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